Monday, January 27, 2014

Open value network pedagogical slideshow

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  1. I do not know if you were expecting feedback for this, but in general, the presentation is very long and does not flow so much, some parts do not seem to connect to the others, and in many points I do know where it is going. Maybe it could be revised. I do have some punctual comments here.

    (Slide 26) How do that open source is not volunteering if it appears that in the examples of what you considered "successful open-source projects" people are not paid for their work? (What is then, meant by success?) Where does this $60B / 1B / 1T (1 T !!!??) revenues per year go to?

    Slide (46) the definition of OVN is very, very strange.

  2. Excellent work Yassir, Tibi, and Francois, my concerns I've left as comments in the notes sections, but I acknowledge and value the effort put into framing this out and really value the ability to use this document as a springboard for further discussions. Thanks!

    To Fernando's comment, I agree with the concern about slide 26.