Blog rules


Any member of SENSORICA can write a post, as long as the following conditions are respected.


Posts can be written by single individuals (individual content), by a a small group (collaborative content) or by a long tail distribution (co-created content). See more on Content rules document.


Main principle - no one can represent SENSORICA

All authors, without exception, must write a disclaimer at the beginning of the post.

Example [by Yasir]
Disclaimer: This blog entry reflects the thoughts of the author and does not speak on behalf of the Sensorica community. Further, the work is built on the work of the Sensorica community on value equation. Moreover, the author has many views on the value equation and this blog represents only of the many perspectives. Lastly, the author assumes that the reader is familiar with concepts of Open-value network.


Creative Commons (BY NC SA) licence granted by the author(s)


This process applies to all authors, without exception:
  • The author(s) can write a post and keep it unpublished for an indeterminate time, while respecting all the conditions. 
  • The author(s) can publish the post without permission for maximum 2 days. 
  • The author(s) needs to publicly ask for validation of the blog by community members in order to be able to keep the post public. (see validation section for more details)
    • If no one validates the post, it must be unpublished
    • If 2 or more community members validate the post it can continue to stay public. 
  • For future major changes the author(s) need(s) validation.

Common sense rules

  • Respect your audience -- anyone exposed to SENSORICA
  • Diversity of ideas, thoughts and topics are encouraged
  • The content needs to be a conclusion (it is not a discussion forum - post complete ideas or mostly complete ideas on the blog)
  • Blog is not a twitter so quality over quantity
  • Avoid long rants and long video blogs.  Keep it short and simple.  If possible, summarize and then provide references.  Less is more but keep it as long as it needs to be and use the appropriate medium! And yes, you can modify it later (See the process).

Validation or validating the rules

"Validation" does not mean that you agree with the content. Validation simply means that it is worth it for people to read (it is blog worthy, valuable and follows blog rules) but not necessarily an agreement with the idea. Validation is also a mechanism to protect against inappropriate content and spam.

Changing the rules

  • Propose new rules or propose a change to an existing rule directly as a comment or contact a SENSORICA member to provide the proposition on your behalf.
  • Any proposition would be processed as per the governance at SENSORICA

Administrating rules

  • Rules are peer administrated by the SENSORICA members and/or as per the governance at SENSORICA